My Story

Inta Didrichsons - Kindergarten Teacher

Inta believes that students' learning is inexplicably linked to the connection they have with themselves, with their peers, and with their teachers. Through years of working with children she knows that when children feel loved and integral to the community, their learning flourishes.

Inta obtained her Bachelor of Education from Acadia University and her Bachelor of Psychology from Carleton University. Through her experience working as a teacher, at Youth Leadership Camps Canada and other various positions working with youth, outdoors, she has witnessed first hand that being in nature not only provides an optimal environment for academic learning but also supports students emotional well-being as it offers a place for students to reflect, recenter and practice effective ways of coping.

In addition to her outdoor education experiences, she is also heavily influenced by her upbringing as her mother is an art teacher and began creating at a young age. Inta believes that incorporating art into academic learning is a way to preserve students' individuality and imagination.

Inta grew up in Collingwood and when she is not teaching you can find her hiking with her friends, at the gym, or working on her own craft projects!


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