An outdoor educational experience.

A daytime activity designed to introduce, and familarize your child with nature, science, and exploration. A space for creativity and curiosity to run wild. 

A Bit About Us

A Place Where Curiosity Runs Wild

The Wildlings Camp in Collingwood, Ontario was founded on the basis that every child is born a naturalist. When given the opportunity they will actively search for their place in nature, question the interconnectedness of everything and will fill every moment with a sense of wonder.

Our Programs


The Wildlings Wilderness School


Adventure Day

Community Events
Favourite Moments

"Getting to play with and learn about animals and how to be gentle with them"

- Carli, 8


"My favourite thing about the Wildlings is that you get to explore new things like caves, mushrooms, and stuff".

- Bryan, 5


"Making new friends and playing in our rock fort". 

- Ruby, 9



- Kallum, 9


"My favourite thing to give my kids is a day with Sarah and her Wildlings. Every time they go, my kids come home smelling like outside and campfire, and literally brimming over with stuff to tell me: what they've learned, cool things they did, friend they've made. There is nothing better than tucking an exhausted, satisfied, happy kid into bed - especially when you're not exhausted alongside them. Sarah is so knowledgeable and trustworthy, and is able to give them just enough freedom to really explore, while keeping them totally safe. Worth every penny for these memories I know my kids will carry with them forever. Wish you were around when I was a kid, Sarah!"

-Lora Banks (Collingwood)

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