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Meet the Team

 Strong, smart, passionate people, and one incredible pup. We are the Wildlings.


Sarah Ney


Sarah is the founder of the Wildlings. Sarah has a passion for mental health, science, and the great outdoors. 


Sarah went to school at the University of Guelph for Molecular Biology & Genetics, Environmental Engineering, Swift Water Rescue, and is Wilderness First Aid & Survival certified. Needless to say, Sarah is literally the best person to get lost in the woods with! 

After School and Before The Wildlings, Sarah Worked for Environment Canada as a Aquatic Biologist in the Athabasca river (which goes through the tar sands). ​She was able to use her S.T.E.M mentality to help manage and collect samples to monitor the health of the Athabasca and its tributaries.

Sarah started The Wildlings as a way to share her knowledge and give back to her community and the town she grew up in. To chat more about Wildlings with Sarah, or to learn about our community fundraising programs, please reach out!



C.F.O (Chief Fun Officer)

Loka loves long walks in the forest, hanging with The Wildlings, and her mom Sarah! Loka is a kind, loving, and gentle pup who we love having on our team!

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