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Loo Harlos

I love the Wildlings it changed my whole life. I have made new friends every day, I got to meet new workers and I also got to learn new things from the Wildlings every day. It means every thing to me just sitting around the fire, listening to the trees talk, hear the frogs swimming in the water and see the birds flying. It is just so calm just to sit there and hear the forest. It is the best thing ever to see kids playing and going for awesome hikes. We find weird stuff, we found a little shed and a old car. My mom works there to help the owner she is actually my aunt and she is the best. She helps the kids with fires and makes food every Tuesday. Every kid will get to make some thing over the fire. I hope I will get to see you there and make new friends at the Wildlings!

Love Loo'Loo

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