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“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” -Albert Einstein.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” -Albert Einstein.

My name is Davis Beckett, I am 11 years old and have always enjoyed spending time outside. From going on hikes with my family, to climbing the tree in our backyard or even swimming at the beach where my Grampa and Nana live. I just like being outside whenever and wherever I can! The one thing I enjoy the most about nature though is being surrounded by the forest. There is just something about how the forest surrounds me that makes me feel at home, it’s a peaceful and calm place that makes me happy. I like to close my eyes and take it all in. You can smell the moss on the trees, hear the sounds of a stream running close by and you can feel the forest floor beneath your feet. It’s comforting like a cozy blanket on a cold day.

Being outside in nature makes me feel happy when I’m sad. It gives my brain a chance to relax and reset. Personally I tend to overthink situations and sometimes thinking about things so much makes me feel anxious and I’ve found that being outdoors helps me cope with some of these feelings. The things you can learn and discover by being outside isn’t something that can be taught in a typical classroom.

Since I’ve become a student of the Wildlings outdoor school I’ve felt that it has helped me in multiple ways, including taking my mind off of recent events going on in the world like the Pandemic. By going to school outside it has given me a chance to explore and learn more about nature and at the same time also help me develop my outdoor skill set. I hope to continue my outdoor education and be able to pass along my knowledge and love of the outdoors to other people.

This is what being outdoors means to me; listening to the earth, discovering new things but most of all being happy and enjoying the natural world!

I wish everyone peace, love and happiness ~ Davis

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